Silence as a Human Attitude

Silence is the mystery of life. Its genesis has also been likened to the vagueness associated with verifying the existence of emptiness. This was undoubtedly one of John Cage’s most pressing inquiries when he decided to enter Harvard University’s anechoic chamber. The result of this incident was the certainty that silence was not acoustic because it implied a change of mentality; a watershed experience that would spill over into a musical composition.
This spirit is also taken up by photographer Flor Mayoral when generating a type of work that functions as a registry of performances or actions that are about to take place. For a moment, the autonomy of the creative support is debatable as she establishes the controversial relationship; thus, dislocating the taxonomies of the artistic genres. The location and settings of the characters making the gesture of silence is converted into a collection that generates an infinite multiplicity, questioning the glamor of the limited edition. Works of this nature open a Pandora’s box of possibilities when it comes to its museography. They can be exhibited within the confines of a museum or in site-specific outdoor installations, easily transitioning from a fine print to a poster, they have the flexibility to be designed in accordance with space. Her photographic essay revels in the polytheism of installation art and in the spontaneity that goes beyond the cartography of traditional museographic practices.

Jorge Fernández Torres
Art Critic and Curator

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